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If you’re as passionate about model railroading as we are, we encourage you to apply for membership in our model railroad club. Members are expected to contribute time, effort, and modest annual dues. An additional requirement for membership requires membership with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.

Do I need to be an experienced model railroader to join TVMRi? Not at all!

We welcome novices, master modelers and everyone in between. If you’re a new to model railroading, joining TVMRi is a great (and cost-efficient) way to dive into the hobby and learn vital skills, as well as to get hands-on without the time and expense of building a home layout. (Besides, who has an area big enough for a 40′ x 43′ railroad?) And if you’re an experienced model railroader, we’re eager to have your expertise.

Remember, too, that you will most likely bring other skills and experience that can benefit the museum.

We invite anyone interested in promoting model railroading to join our organization! Absolutely no experience is necessary. We welcome anyone 18 and older. Our current members age in range from 18 to 85, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

To register or renew your membership, please click one of the links below to download the form.