The model railroad loosely represents the “Rathole Division” of the CNO&TP – Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific – 2nd Division. Known as the Rathole due to steep grades, 27 tunnels and numerous curves.

Today only 4 tunnels remain – #22 & #24 at Nemo, TN (near Lancing) and #25 & #26 at Oakdale, TN. The railroad today it is known as Cincinnati Southern Railway (CSR). It runs 337 miles from Cincinnati, OH to Chattanooga, TN and is owned by the City of Cincinnati – the only long distance railway owned by a municipality in the United States.

Norfolk Southern (NS) on November 21, 2022 reported executing a purchase agreement to acquire substantially all the assets of the 337 mile Cincinnati Southern Railway (CSR), which runs between Cincinnati, OH, and Chattanooga, TN.

On November 7, 2023, the Cincinnati voters approved Issue 22, selling the Cincinnati Southern Railway (CSR) to Norfolk Southern. The $1.62 billion deal is expected to close in first-half 2024.